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Tf2 currency for noobs reread and revised
by xXThe Gaming ScoutXx[GIVEAWAY:3]
After revising a sucky guide *my first one XD* here is a better and revised version!...
how to be cool
by Greg is a HUGE Jerk
Sample Text...
How To Level Up On Steam FAST
by little_dude187
This Guide Is Suppose To Help You Achieve Your Goal Of Being A High Level On Steam. If This Guide Helps, Give It A Thumbs Up, Rate It, And Tell Everyone Who Wants To Be Level 50+ :D This Guide Also Includes Selling/Trading On The Following Games:...
How to successfully unbox in Tf2!
by ♜White Wizardz♜
It works...
How To Be Warden
by You Really Rustle my Jimmies
Wardens have spread over the world, far and wide, but suck. we need better wardens in our prison servers for all the 3 year olds. i will teach you the ways of the linguiini....
How to get kills easily in TF2 (with a little math)
by 3rror
Not able to get any kills in tf2 for some reason? Always getting zero kills and twenty deaths? Wanna get at least one kill? Here is how....
How To Do The DK Rap
by Mmph Mmph
Ever wanted to rap about a nintendo game but couldn't? Well the I have the guide for you!...
Fashion soldier
by <=[TVT]=> MANDUS Tartv$
so...this is the Fashion soldier,where you can find every cool set for your soldier,i have started with some custom sets,(this guide will be updated any free time for each 10 sets) oh and i wanted to add a song of the week in case you want hear somethi...
How To Competitive Heavy
by Capitalism
I will teach you how to play the hardest class in the game for a competitive team. This guide is 100% accurate and should be taken seriously. (not really)...
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