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BeSerKa 3. sep., 2013 @ 7:14
Oculus not working with TF2 or HL2 -vr mode
Hi all, I followed the instructions step by step, added -vr option included the steam pipe beta opting in.

I know the Oculus works as I can run the tech demos and sample apps.

I've restarted steam after opting in for the steam pipe thing.

But both still dont work?

I should mention I'm running OSX on a MBP running 10.8.4.

Does this all perhaps only run on Windows? I couldnt find anything to confirm or deny whether it works with mac.

I have Mirroring on in display.

Ive tried with Mirroring turned off, as well as Windowed mode.
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Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > Emnedetaljer
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