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Strange Festive Revengineer 2013年7月12日 14時00分
TF2 won't start with VR?
I try to start up TF2 with "-vr" in the launch options, but the game window shows up for half a second before it closes. I could use some help.
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Moare 2013年7月12日 14時08分 
Is the Rift connected? It won't start unless the Rift is connected and on.
Strange Festive Revengineer 2013年7月12日 14時10分 
it's connected and it's on. I have the USB cord plugged in, and it's the only one that my computer can use. It also has a VGA port, but Oculus doesn't have that.
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kdawg 2013年8月29日 1時21分 
it needs to be digital from my understanding.
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Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > トピックの詳細
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