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Mr. CooL ICE 2013年5月23日下午5:10
Crosshair Issue
I just posted this in the GD forum, but this seems like a more appopriate place so I'm just gonna copy/paste what I wrote there:
Before, I had a specific-weapon crosshair, e.g. the Medic's MediGun would show a medical cross, while the Bonesaw would show a different, thinner cross. Somewhere along the way a bug happened that caused my crosshair to show my mouse arrow which GREATLY annoyed me, so I had to go to the multiplayer settings to switch it to a set there anyway to revert it to show the weapon-specific one? I know it's not a big deal but it made the game more fun to watch for my friends and such...
Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > 主题详情
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