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Hajneman 2013. ápr. 10. @ du. 4:11
I'm to late now?
Curious. (question might be stupid) I've read on twitter that people who pre-order their O.R. before 04.01.13 (US date?) will get their own Virtual Reality hat to wear in TF2, by activating it by code and O.R ofc. However information given on the official Oculus VR pre-order website says that the first shipment will arrive around at May... so m I too late or what? if yes than I rather wait for better improved version of Oculus VR.
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Zombie Hugger 2013. ápr. 10. @ du. 6:56 
As far as I know, you won't get the code for the VR hat in TF2 unless you ordered before April 1'st. You can still order your Oculus, though. It'll just take a while for it to arrive.

If you didn't order by April 1'st, no TF2 hat for you.
Hajneman 2013. ápr. 11. @ de. 11:25 
Alright I see, thanks for making things clear. Have a nice day and Game on.
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