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zalo 2013年4月7日下午2:24
Annoying Teleporter bug in VR Mode
In move mode 3 (and I assume the related modes) using a teleporter frequently lets the reticle/crosshair move out of the "aiming box". So I usually come out looking forward, but aiming behind me. It's fairly disorienting...

But who knows? Maybe teleportation is supposed to discombobulate you.
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LockeDown 2013年4月7日下午3:13 
Maybe the developers are big fans of "Space Balls"
Programmer Joe 2013年4月18日下午2:52 
I am a big fan of Space Balls, but this was just a bug. Should be fixed in the latest update.
LockeDown 2013年4月20日上午9:50 
I am beginning to like Joe more and more each day. Fixes problems with a sense of humor! ;)
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