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saints 2013年4月7日 1時17分
Valve Devs, any way to force/spoof VR mode without an Oculus Rift?
Hey Valve devs,

I have a DIY HMD in the making but it's far from done. As you all know, without an actual OR connected, VR mode won't open in TF2.

I want to test out some things in the TF2 console etc in VR mode.. Any way to spoof/force/trick the system into opening -vr mode TF2 without an OR?

I know you can do "-vr +sixense_enabled 1" to open TF2 but it doesn't open "true" VR mode. All it does is seems to make side-by-side, unwarped, 2D if you do that, and doesn't have the actual menus that you would have in VR mode.

So to re-iterate: any way to spoof VR mode in the system without having an actual Oculus Rift?
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Alphalpha 2013年4月13日 21時48分 
I don't know I hope there is.
Programmer Joe 2013年4月15日 16時46分 
There is not currently a way to launch TF2 in VR mode without a Rift.

Shoot me an email via the contact form and tell me more about what you're doing. I'd love to hear details.
EnGiNeEr Is DeAdLy On TeAm 2014年7月10日 2時46分 
type this in console cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1
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