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TF2VR Hat, When they plan to give them ?
I have been pre-ordered the oculus rift before 1 april and im wondering when I will receive my item?

Sorry for bad english, im french
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Bamboozle 2013年4月4日下午4:27 
Pareil. I think this will be included in the package, just like for the portal 2 soundtracks because poeple could just pre-order it then cancel the reservation when they get the code. Or you could also receive an e-mail on the release. I think it will be like that.
SimTabouretski 2013年4月4日下午4:32 
Seems Legit. Thanks !
zalo™ 2013年4月4日下午6:40 
Guy who just got his devkit here:
That's a negatory for receiving the hat upon plugging the rift in. They'll probably send out the hat codes with the Steam Wallet codes.

Besides, there's this special feeling you get when you're the only one on a server with an Oculus Rift, and no one knows about it. I capped an intelligence for my team, and no one as the wiser! I got a pic of it on my profile if anyone's curious as to what it looks like (screen caps only one eye for some reason).
SimTabouretski 2013年4月4日下午7:10 
What do you mean, by wallet codes ? how will they know it was us ?? beside the email ?
palmertech 2013年4月4日下午7:36 
Hat codes will be delivered electronically to people who's kits have shipped very soon. :)

SimTabouretski 2013年4月4日下午7:55 
Why does everybody have deferents version of how they will give the codes ?
zalo™ 2013年4月4日下午9:23 
That last guy isn't part of the "everyone" crowd.
LockeDown 2013年4月4日下午10:27 
BTW they just gave out the codes. If you ordered your Oculus by the deadline just go here to get your orders details with the option to claim your steam code for the Rift "hat":
SimTabouretski 2013年4月5日下午1:57 
wow thanks ! :P ....but I dont see the options ? and this is my date: Mar 26, 2013
最后由 SimTabouretski 编辑于; 2013年4月5日下午2:05
darkbro2007 2013年4月6日上午11:10 
引用自 SimTabouretski
wow thanks ! :P ....but I dont see the options ? and this is my date: Mar 26, 2013
same here
LockeDown 2013年4月6日下午12:10 
Reposting my response from your other thread:

As long as you ordered by April 1st -- Oculus mentioned on Twitter that you will get the steam code as soon as your order switches to processing. My guess is they are making sure people do not order and attempt to cancel just to get the codes.

Zombie Hugger 2013年4月6日下午3:32 
Out of curiosity, when exactly does processing come in?
Is that sending the product out or simply getting the payment information and all of that set?
konchok 2013年4月6日下午6:38 
Processing comes in when they are shipping the rift to your location. If you're order number is less than 10000, then you should already have a rift or will be getting one in the next 3 weeks. If you're number is 20000 - 21000 you can expect the rift in 3 to 5 weeks. If you're number is after 40000 you can expect your rift in 5 to 9 weeks.
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