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General Gak 2013年3月25日 14時27分
date of the VR consumer version
hi i really whant to know when the consumer version of the VR will come out so if any of you guys know, it will be great if you will tell me and anybody ells
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google1013 2013年3月25日 16時27分 
There is no OFFICAL date yet so it could be months or it could even be years or maybe evern just days we do not know.
LockeDown 2013年3月25日 22時30分 
Oculus VR has stated the most important thing right now is to get content for it. So I am sure once enough developers are making games that are designed to work with the Rift they will focus on releasing a really nice consumer version.

They want to do this right and considering how nice the dev kits came out -- I can see them spending more time on it to make the consumer version is the best it can be for the price.
General Gak 2013年3月26日 3時30分 
thanks for telling me guys it helps to know what there needs to be done before the consumer can be releaset. I will keep this open if somone one day gets to know when it will come out :)
google1013 2013年3月26日 7時29分 
Your welcome the other day I had the same question and had to look everywhere.
Tenshinen 2013年4月1日 12時19分 
Site says May.
google1013 2013年4月1日 12時22分 
MaggotsKodek (GB) の投稿を引用:
Site says May.

Are you sure that is the consumer release date? Because I thought that is when the developer versions get shipped.
monoframe 2013年4月2日 0時48分 
General Gak 2013年4月2日 2時59分 
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that dosent look good
monoframe 2013年4月2日 8時28分 
This is the article, if anyone's wondering where the image came from.
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Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > トピックの詳細
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