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Little Devil 2013年11月11日下午12:26
Oculus Hat
Is the oculus hat coutdated for colection or...? because i've played tf2 with the oculus and i haven't gotten it yet
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Archiphicus 2013年11月11日下午7:57 
It was a limited-time deal they had, I missed the cutoff date by one day, I know how you feel -.-
Little Devil 2013年11月12日上午4:47 
:c, foreveralone
Trust in me and fall as well 2013年11月12日下午3:52 
if you're lucky you can still find unused codes that you can buy from other people... that hat cannot be traded but you can use the code on your account... they're not cheap at all though and good luck trying to figure out how you're going to trade that much money over the internet for a code without getting scammed
Little Devil 2013年11月13日下午1:56 
XD, indeed
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