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RosieIsATerrorist 2013年12月26日下午6:17
Can't find "Activate Virtual Reality"
I have my monitor cloned and the rift is working since I was able to play the "free among the sleep" alpha, I have virtual reality enabled in video settings but after I restart there is no "Activate Virtual Reality" to click on the main menu.
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/ks/ 2014年1月3日下午9:43 
you must use the force
Funee 2014年1月11日上午8:13 
Disable the VR in the options, restart, enable it, and just press "Apply". Also, you can't have any custom HUDs.
yttrium #thecarryisreal 2014年1月24日上午9:16 
You could try launching with the -vr launch parameter.
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