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SlimJim, the Cleaner 2013年12月13日 19時43分
what if valve listened too all the trolls/complainers?
what would the game look like?
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MaximumBoom 2013年12月14日 0時15分 
Spies would carry nuclear explosives
SlimJim, the Cleaner 2013年12月14日 11時12分 
MaximumBoom2002 の投稿を引用:
Spies would carry nuclear explosives
or would have too kill people with only a sapper
MaximumBoom 2013年12月16日 9時18分 
and medics would have to heal with taunts
Tomboeg 2013年12月17日 14時12分 
Windows would be break-able
[SA] ShachonianX 2013年12月18日 15時46分 
Female mercanaries, terribly OP weapons, terrible fixes to items, and horrible, horrible hats!
The Most Incompetent Gamer Ever 2013年12月20日 18時03分 
Pyro wouldn't be able to airblast, his flamethrower would only be able to reach 2 cm's, afterburn would only last 1 second, and he'd only have 50hp.
Joy 2013年12月27日 7時20分 
Pyro would be female. gabe newell. everywhere.
Grabbing Pills 2013年12月28日 4時06分 
Pokepokemans nofruitcake の投稿を引用:
Pyro would be female. gabe newell. everywhere.

Selling FemPyro skin for 3 buds
ThaHax1337 2013年12月28日 9時38分 
Force-A-Nature with 10 ammo in 1 clip and 500 hp for scout.
UL7RA #HeavyBuffs 2013年12月29日 5時40分 
Soda Popper would have minicrits. Amirite.
Lobinde 2014年1月4日 7時05分 
Heavy would have 100 HP, people would still say that he's "OP" though. Spies would have sniper rifles.
MaximumBoom 2014年1月5日 3時11分 
The sniper rifles would shoot flaming rockets.
Sir Auditore 2014年1月6日 10時25分 
there would be breakable windows all classes running around with SMG's kids parents complaining saying that this is the most violent game in history even tho its a classic teamwork cartoony epic game
Brickmasterson 2014年1月6日 12時20分 
To quote Heavy, "OH NOOO"!
SlimJim, the Cleaner 2014年1月6日 12時28分 
Would there be any class besides soldier and medic?
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