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Foxy the Pirate Fox 3. Apr. um 1:59 Uhr
What would you choose?
If you could choose the Tenth TF2 class, what class would it be and would it be a Attack, Defend or support class?
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King Koopa 4. Apr. um 19:25 Uhr 
It would be a assassin, it would be support. Yes I know sniper is one.
Primary would be a crossbow secondary would be a dart blower and melee would be a knife that causes bleeding.
Foxy the Pirate Fox 5. Apr. um 0:46 Uhr 
Thats actully a pretty good idea. I like it! :)
Link 6. Apr. um 11:37 Uhr 
assassin dose sound like a good idea but what whould he look like

☠2sP0oKy4U☠ inZ@In3 7. Apr. um 10:23 Uhr 
There won't be a 10th class, then the groups (Offense, Defense, Support) would be unbalanced.
Foxy the Pirate Fox 7. Apr. um 18:30 Uhr 
Thats what I thought
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