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t3h 2014年2月20日 7時54分
TF2-like game for commercial services (team building, organizational training etc)
Hi, I'm planning to build up a commercial service based in computer games but it looks like STEAM EULA forbids enything commercial. Anybody happend to know good non-STEAM game similar to TF2 (strong focus on cooperation, well balanced battle mechanics, highly addictive, you know what I mean...) that could suit for that purose?
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t3h 2014年2月20日 7時57分 
Closest thing that I have found is Cube/Cube2 and this is more like CS aka just a FPS.
GodSmoko 2014年2月20日 13時36分 
gang garrison?
t3h 2014年2月21日 4時29分 
@GodSmoko good answer! Unfortunatly this game shares only so little with TF2 (except similar classes) and as it sure fun and funny, you cant really invest yourself emotionally to the result.

I also realized that I have posted this to into wrong topic. It seems to be no way to move that so I will possibly make similar post under more generic topic...
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