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P00P SmEiLy Jan 22 @ 12:59pm
violent angry homosexual gamers who make comploments about peoples aparent tiny penises
yes i met one of them
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DebugURL Jan 28 @ 7:00am 
P00P SmEiLy Jan 28 @ 12:02pm 
when i mean by tiny penises that does not mean i have a tiny PAINIS
◆X-13◆(Owldolf Hootler) Feb 1 @ 10:31am 
stop bashing us gays. leave us alone.
Ragnarok (~Maya~Owned~) Feb 13 @ 5:45pm 
if being gay is bad to you youre gonna have a hard time living in this day and age. (im bi, dont hate)
Murz Feb 17 @ 1:45pm 
guys nobody needs to buy vcr goggles, see this thread for helpful tips on how to save money
Gaben Newell Mar 18 @ 1:58pm 
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