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Warloda 2012年8月16日 14時23分
REALLY NEED help its very annoying to wait while others are ready and raging at you
and all you can say AMAZING MAC
so if anyone found solution how to get ready on mac please let me know
thx an advance!!!!
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theshrewsrule11 #y0l0$wag 2012年8月16日 14時30分 
I have a mac, what are you asking for?
(-TN-) J3DImindTRIP 2012年8月16日 14時44分 
FN + F4 ?
Canama 2012年8月16日 14時50分 
Hold down fn while you press F4.

Is it really that hard?
Brasten 2012年8月16日 15時16分 
Oh, function key issue. Ah. I almost always go to System Perfs > Keyboard > Check "Use all F1, F2, etc." option. Much better when you're half in a PC world with things like TF2.
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