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William 2012年11月26日 23時35分
I have been looking every where for a answer to this and im starting to loose hope. What I need is that any steam workshop games that I download/buy, I can't play them. I am getting very sick of this and I need someone to tell me if you know why this is happening. It seem like that my computer usely cancels the game while it says its loading So please help me please!!!
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Stardex 2012年11月26日 23時42分 
Have you tried clicking the game in library and pressing play?
simply a terrorist 2012年11月27日 0時44分 
i need proof,then i will see what's the prob,i had it once
William 2012年11月27日 8時41分 
ive tried playing it everywhere that you can press play.
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