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@kanyewest 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 3:43
My inventory is glitched.
I am not able to trade or view my inventory history. Is this happening to anyone else, how can I fix this?
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Godhammer 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 3:47 
Same here, getting blanks screen or white screen. Talked to others with the same issue, looks like a global deal.
Matroska 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 3:50 
Yeah, in the trade menu I have other games there (e.g. Dota 2, Portal 2) but no Team Fortress 2.
moshlyfe 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:00 
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I have a feeling there's going to be a huge update tonight. Crate 50 may or may not be on its way!
[KGB] Mr. Burns 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:05 
Everything glitched right now. Inventory, MVM, Servers and trading.
Jackson 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:10 
same here
Based Hermit 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:17 
Me too. The people who I am trading with have the same problem.
@kanyewest 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:24 
I need this to get fixed. People are getting on my ♥♥♥ because I can't show proof of my trade on
♛ PixTron™ 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:30 
It's really another TF2 item server crash. It happens a lot of times. Especially before update news or updates come out.
pokeravi 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:32 
Yep. Same here. Thank god it isn't me. I restarted Steam so many times and my items won't show up. Also before this started happening I was moving a few items around in my backpack and there was a noticeable lag for the items to actually move to the new slot. It took 10-15 seconds for me to move an item. I hope I didn't lose anything :(
ZELRIS (Kitiltva) 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:34 
Same, ive also been encountering problems getting into Mann up mode servers. glad to see im not the only one with this problem.
УРА! 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:35 
Huh, could be a sign of a new patch... HOPEFULLY the one that fixes the DX8 crashing.
wolfsong 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:35 
i can't do anything either.
Techno Brownie 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:38 
Wow so its not just me...
Hkdeosa™ 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:48 
i finnally got premium today and now tf2 is being glitchy
Major Havoc 2012. nov. 25. @ du. 4:50 
I could get into my inventory, but I couldn't swap items.
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