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Can't Stump 2012年11月24日 18時22分
I'd like to take the time to show you newcomers something...
See those stickied and locked threads at the top of the page named 'TF2 Trading' and 'Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Discussion area'? Please, for the love of all that is TF2 related, READ THEM BEFORE POSTING! It's getting on everyone's nerves seeing all these trading threads that shouldn't be here.
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mR. ASUSHOTGEX 2012年11月24日 19時08分 
Agreed, it takes only a second to read and its a few simple rules, the amount of trade post that get locked in a bidaily basis is a handful and really with warehouse and outpost posting here is more of an inconvenience then help when trading, especially since the first post is almost alway "their is no trading on the forums" you would think people would get the message.
Mucinex 2012年11月24日 19時36分 
Holy ♥♥♥♥, thank you for posting this. I doubt people will even bother reading this anyway.
Wanderer(Retired) 2012年11月24日 19時41分 
They should change the title of the top announcement to "No trading on this forum" or something.
Can't Stump 2012年11月24日 22時48分 
bump for all to see
Jethro Q.Walrustitty 2012年11月25日 3時37分 
lol, i did exactly the same as you just did, i bumped my thread warning people about this, but if you read the locked stickies, bumping is also against the rules. My post got locked and then deleted it.
Spider☻Justice 2012年11月25日 3時59分 
I thought about posting the same, guess you beat me to it.
I wonder if people do it just to annoy regulers.
Also, is the amount of fresh posts about crashes, glitches and whatever problems people are having with valve, steam or thier computer, getting a bit much or is that just me. (sorry if your having problems but e-mailing steam might be better than spaming this forum)
TheTrickster 2012年11月25日 4時45分 
Spider☻Justice 2012年11月25日 6時07分 
Wow, 3 more trade posts in an hour, Baking Ugly Mince Pies.
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