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Team Fortress 2 Creepypasta - Hazpy
So, today I decided to get some achievements with my friend on cp_foundry. We both went on empty server. First we chosed to complete some spy achieves. Oh, I forgot to say - I check scores every 5 minutes. After we completed some achieves, I looked at the scores and I was surprised - I saw my friend near me, but he wasn't in Score Tab. I asked him why, but he didn't respond, though he do it everytime. Suddenly, his spy started to bleed. He was screaming, but without any voice. Then he died with strange death animations and blood covered his head. It was very strange, because I've never seen such animation in SFM and It was first time for me that blood covered dead body. Is it the new update? Well, I decided to change class and died. But I didn't respawn in normal place, I respawned in dark room with tall roof. It looked like place where scout and heavy were looking at the pictures of MvM robots, but it wasn't that place. It was dark and tall, as I said before. Then I started to hear some really disgusting sounds - Silent flesh eating, laugh and spy choke. I started to explore the room, but found nothing there. After I decided to look at the roof, and I saw the most disgusting and horryfying thing in whole TF2 universe. Bless god I got time to screenshot it.
Creepypasta made by me :3
Also, if you're here, vote please:
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AWOOGA Nov 22, 2012 @ 12:11am 
video is youtubepoop
Geisteskrankenchan Nov 22, 2012 @ 12:23am 
WTF, it's not
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