Team Fortress 2
kid 21. marras, 2012 19.07
Team Fortress 2 is crashing whenever a person joins the server
Hey, I was wondering if this happened to anyone else where I would casually play on a server and whenever a person joined, my game would freeze, give the "Not responding" message, and then ask me to close hl2.exe. It's been pestering me over the Thanksgiving Break and I was hoping there'd be a solution.
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This had been happening to me a lot. However, I've found a fix (that works for me.) Put "-dxlevel 90" or "-dxlevel 91" in the start up options (without the quotations.) I haven't crashed since.
Wang Wan 22. marras, 2012 7.57 
Bumps for me too.
kid 22. marras, 2012 10.48 
Thanks so much! It works!
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