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XavionTheMighty 20/nov/2012 às 15:41
TF2 Files Stuck Validating
K I know this has been solved for most people already but my case is a bit different; I get stuck at 77%. I don't know what to do because most solutions seem to be for when it's stuck at 100%. Someone help please!
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Punchy 20/nov/2012 às 15:52 
I have no idea.

You could try making it validate manually instead of when you start tf2, see if it's any different.

Right click TF2, properties, local files, validate
XavionTheMighty 20/nov/2012 às 16:24 
Ok, well I tried to reinstall it finally but something happened so I re-downloaded it again and then suddenly it was at approximately 9000/12000. XD If my problems are fixed, that would be nice. I'll see in about 40 minutes.
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