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qaK | H.Ü.C 2012年11月20日下午12:43
tf2 crashes everytime someone joins the server
i have no idea why but the recent update made it where people crash when someone joins the server there on,its been happening to tons of people and i just want to let valve know about it,thanks!
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GarneTsN 2012年11月20日下午7:20 
Believe me, They already know.
FUNKed 2012年11月20日下午7:20 
Garnet, why did you dig up a thread from 6 hours ago?
GarneTsN 2012年11月20日下午7:23 
Doesn't matter what time it was ago. Please stop stalking me.
The Man of Brisk 2012年11月21日上午4:31 
1. Submit a bug report if you haven't already so Valve knows you're affected (otherwise trust us, they know there's a problem)
2. Wait for them to get a patch out. They're usually good on releasing patches when it messes with people's games so it's all down to figuring out what the problem is and then getting the fix out to everyone. Hang tight; Valve's on it.
There's really not much else we can do about it.
qaK | H.Ü.C 2012年11月21日下午6:49 
引用自 GarnetSnatcher
Believe me, They already know.
new update today, doesnt seem they care :/
water 2012年11月21日下午6:53 
Has Valve seen this Discussion??? Cause I wanna PLAY and I cant!! D:
King Allen, master of unlocking 2012年11月21日下午10:08 
I've found a fix (that works for me.) Put "-dxlevel 90" or "-dxlevel 91" in the start up options WITHOUT the quotations. I haven't crashed since.
qaK | H.Ü.C 2012年11月22日上午7:37 
I've found a fix (that works for me.) Put "-dxlevel 90" or "-dxlevel 91" in the start up options WITHOUT the quotations. I haven't crashed since.
that does make my computer lag, but ill try it just so i can play thanks for the info!
Wan Wan 2012年11月22日上午10:23 
They need to fix this, esea is coming up.
Candyman (Cleared Progress) 2012年12月1日下午12:45 
New Update Yesterday,IT Just Started On Me :'(
water 2012年12月1日下午1:55 
welcome to our world
Big Daddy Lover 69 2012年12月2日下午9:51 
hey jak, ur the dude i met at railbait hightower yesterday?
small world

yeah im having the same problem
sucks for me i joined this game the problem started
i crash 100% of the time when people join the server im in
and i never crash when im disconnected from item server
the server i play remembers my loadout even if i have no item server :D
but not having the item server is only a 20% chance D:
anyway to prposefully kill the connection to the item server or is that illegal?
water 2012年12月3日下午5:22 
Hey man..Yea im suffering from that as well..hopefully they will fix this item server crash. Just report a bug on the main page of TF2 and im pretty sure they will fix this in the Christmas Update. Anyways..cya in how it remembers my loadout :D
Mucinex 2012年12月3日下午5:29 
I actually haven't been getting any crashes.
node357 2012年12月5日上午1:29 
I still can't stomach the fact the Valve introduce bugs like this and just sit on them, because they apparently have better things to do. What a bunch of pigs. Would have been better to discontinue the game than make us all their guinea pigs. In case some people didn't know, this used to be a retail game people paid money for. That seems to mean nothing now as Valve continuously breaks it without any apologies. Very bad company that is far richer than deserved.
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