Sho 18. Nov. 2012 um 19:54 Uhr
Why not a little public toruny
Ya know I've been in the Tf2 Community for close to a year bout now and I was wondering, how come no one ever starts a public tournament for others. I mean Ugc is all pro gaming for money and all that but why not just a regular tourny jsut for the fun of it
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Fragmaster Lee 18. Nov. 2012 um 20:15 Uhr 
Even in the pay leagues, it has very little to do with money. Even the biggest of tourneys barely pays expenses for the team, and the hardworking underappreciated UGC organizers do it as a hobby/labor of love.

That being said, there's all sorts of free ways to get into comp and I don't know what you're talkingabout.
SMASH 18. Nov. 2012 um 23:52 Uhr 
UGC highlander is free and there is no prize money I think. There are lots of free tournies including ef2tl, UGC, asia fortress and oz fortress.
Zyroxeon 19. Nov. 2012 um 3:18 Uhr 
the heck is a toruny
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