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Nirmita the Cake 2012年11月18日下午4:44
I cant play at all. If I get dominated, I crash. If I dominate someone, I crash. If i leave a server, I crash. If I join a server, ill crash. FIX IT VALVE, DAMNIT.
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ZA WARUDO 2012年11月18日下午5:23 
same is happening to me, it's making tf2 unplayable.
IM NEVER SORRY 2012年11月18日下午5:24 
Same everytime i join the server. I NEED HELP!
🐳 2012年11月18日下午5:28 
same here wow
Nirmita the Cake 2012年11月18日下午6:29 
Ive deleted every TF2 File im my computer and reinstalled it again and that doesnt work either.
ADGKingOfKarma 2012年11月18日下午7:20 
have you guys tried getting a new computer maybe?
ADGKingOfKarma 2012年11月18日下午7:20 
or delete some more stuff that you don't need or do a virus check?
Rebaw 2012年11月18日下午8:17 
Same i geT hl2.exe has stopped working...I want TO PLAY!!!!
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Danny™ 2012年11月18日下午8:39 
I've been getting a lot of constant crashing as well. Every since the latest update
Sir_Leo 2012年11月18日下午8:50 
I too have been crashing whenever I join a server and its been 2 days since the update came out D:
Dr. Jekyll 2012年11月18日下午9:00 
exact same thing has been happening to me. Except that when the itemserver isn't working I don't get any crashes. Anyone else noticed that?
R3hab 2012年11月18日下午9:09 
don't you guys just love it, hl2.exe has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem.
Godhammer 2012年11月18日下午9:13 
Had this happening nearly every game about 3 updates back. Now, I'm fine but my wife crashes to desktop just about every other game. Gotta love it.
Dergastral Beast 2012年11月18日下午9:42 
well, for no reason, if happens more if you play on dx8... i changed my cfg to a dx9 , and.... stoped the crashs.... but my fps suck now :/

its a half-solution
Nirmita the Cake 2012年11月18日下午9:53 
I know how you feel, Im running on DX 8.1 atm.
The Stu 2012年11月18日下午11:24 
Weird. My constant crashes to desktop stopped yesterday. Fixed one thing and broke another.
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