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I cant play at all. If I get dominated, I crash. If I dominate someone, I crash. If i leave a server, I crash. If I join a server, ill crash. FIX IT VALVE, DAMNIT.
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shinji 2012年11月18日 17時23分 
same is happening to me, it's making tf2 unplayable.
Same everytime i join the server. I NEED HELP!
same here wow
Ive deleted every TF2 File im my computer and reinstalled it again and that doesnt work either.
Kazma 2012年11月18日 19時20分 
have you guys tried getting a new computer maybe?
Kazma 2012年11月18日 19時20分 
or delete some more stuff that you don't need or do a virus check?
Katara 2012年11月18日 20時17分 
Same i geT hl2.exe has stopped working...I want TO PLAY!!!!
最近の変更はKataraが行いました; 2012年11月18日 20時17分
I've been getting a lot of constant crashing as well. Every since the latest update
I too have been crashing whenever I join a server and its been 2 days since the update came out D:
exact same thing has been happening to me. Except that when the itemserver isn't working I don't get any crashes. Anyone else noticed that?
don't you guys just love it, hl2.exe has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem.
Had this happening nearly every game about 3 updates back. Now, I'm fine but my wife crashes to desktop just about every other game. Gotta love it.
well, for no reason, if happens more if you play on dx8... i changed my cfg to a dx9 , and.... stoped the crashs.... but my fps suck now :/

its a half-solution
I know how you feel, Im running on DX 8.1 atm.
The Stu 2012年11月18日 23時24分 
Weird. My constant crashes to desktop stopped yesterday. Fixed one thing and broke another.
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