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Colorway 2012年11月18日上午2:44
TF2 Crashing at random times during play
I get to playing TF2, and about 20-60 minutes later, hl2.exe stops working. Fix please.
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D-Clicker 2012年11月18日上午7:09 
many people have been experiencing the same problem, the reason is the new update, when the game updates again it should be okay
miekkY 2012年11月18日上午7:30 
So it isn't just me? but on me it is always after like 5 minutes of playing except when item server is down I can play as long as I like o.o, hope I can get back into playing soon
Man of the Moon 2012年11月18日上午7:41 
No, you aren't alone. I actually just crashed at random because the TF2 programming team always knows how to f*ck up at least one major thing every patch.

After having to deal with it for 2 days straight, I'm getting REALLY aggravated.
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ulti 2012年11月18日上午7:55 
Same here...
FUNKe 2012年11月18日上午8:33 
i also crash every 5 minutes.
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