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Frequent crashing after the 11/16/12 update!
I seem to have some trouble running the game since it keeps crashing. The game'll freeze up and go to that fat dude with the red valve on the back of his head after I play in a server for like... five minutes. HL2.exe error decides to show its ugly face around this time. My computer freezes and I hafta restart it.

Anyone getting the same problem? Any way to fix it?
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T. 2012年11月17日 5時40分 
yes im getting the same problem :/ i hope valve fix it soon
i have the same problem hope valve fix it im boring of the hl2.exe stop working message i cant even play
My game never crashes :I
i dont now i have the pv hud installed but i uninstaled it and keeps hapening
mine wont even let me join a server .___.
Merk_Z 2012年11月17日 7時29分 
I have the same issue :(
My game only crashes on disconnection or map change :/
Same here. It sucks. I just got the new promos too, and I can't even see them.
If half the people who play TF2 can't even get into a server, Valve will probably patch it today.
Im sick of steam !!!each f* update i got this f* crash ,go to hell steam !!
Well the same thing has happened to me......time to find a new game ;3
The game will only run if I'm not connected to the item server. Otherwise, it crashes.
i think the problem is the moved archives
but that only valva can fix it
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