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Tom Danks 2012年11月15日 14時52分
Reduce regular damage for The Backburner
Reduce the damage but crits still on the back
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Nuzzyfuts 2012年11月15日 14時54分 
It already has received a damage nerf since they buffed the regular flamethrower's damage. Beside, only 4 reflects isn't a good enough penalty for you?
Mucinex 2012年11月15日 14時58分 
ok i'm on it
DetectiveZvarri 2012年11月15日 15時00分 
Lol TC.
Four airblasts is enough to balance the back crits.
Hell, it was balanced even when it had +10% damage.
It was OP when it gave the pyro extra health.
Nuzzyfuts 2012年11月15日 16時16分 
I'm not saying it's not balanced as is, I'm saying reducing base damage might just be a little too much.
Jetty 2012年11月16日 9時12分 
BB wasn't nerfed. The stock got buffed.

And no, no additional changes
[Chicken]Unifex 2012年11月16日 10時29分 
That's probably coming from someone who doesn't even know how to airblast, so he's got no idea what that limit actually means.....
1-6 / 6 のコメントを表示
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