Team Fortress 2
TF2 dont work as good as it used to
TF2 has worked fine. Then this nightmare came.. Laggy tf2, what a horrible curse. I am using recommend or lower details at advanced video settings, still the game is a bit of laggy. Please help me! TF2 is my favourite game.
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Do you have the latest video drivers for your graphics card?
MrGamer 14. marras, 2012 13.27 
maybe ur pc hasnt got a good disc drive fo it to ru smoothly
DeMurdoc 14. marras, 2012 13.33 
I checked my video card, and its the latest version
Zero Zero 14. marras, 2012 13.34 
I play tf2 at the HIGHEST OF HIGH settings doesn't get one bit of lag, seeing this makes me happy. Anyways i wish i could help you but all i can say is get a Smilodon Gaming Computer.
DeMurdoc 14. marras, 2012 13.34 
I have 57.2 GT left
Yeah when i start to lag HARDCORE my pc crashes. anyone got suggestions like buy a better harddrive more memory some type of card ?
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Näytetään 1-6 / 6 kommentista
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