Team Fortress 2
I didn't have a spray, now I have one, I don't know why?
Can servers give you a spray, or something? I didn't have one before.
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Zero Zero 11. marras, 2012 19.17 
Might be a glitch,to be honest it happened to me,had a spray,get an older spray.
I see, thanks
its really not that hard to make a spray. If you know the pixels or size accepted by tf2 then you can make any image into a spray. I've several sprays including a couple of porn sprays. The best part is I can turn a billion things (and even more) into a spray.
Barb 15. marras, 2012 12.30 
somebody hack you count?
I don't think so, I changed my password to be sure.
Batmagoo 16. marras, 2012 11.14 
Some servers change your spray in an advertising spray for theire serves, it happened to me.
Ah I see, that sounds like it. Thanks!
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