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PeekingBoo 2012年11月5日下午6:57
When TF2 Starts up, i get this error saying Error! SteamStartup() failed: SteamStartup(0xf,0x0012E5B4) failed with error 1:failed to take master pipe connection lock.
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Ysack 2012年11月19日下午5:38 
I have the same problem; I even tried to reinstall TF2 and this error still came up :(
Little Pootis (Made of Clay!) 2012年11月28日下午3:36 
got the same thing too, dafuq is going on?
FUNKe 2012年11月28日下午4:07 
I had that issue a while ago.

Reinstall TF2, if that don't work, reinstall steam
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