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adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午9:02
Error with servers
I need help, after launching tf2 I go into the lobby looking for a game and it shows no servers. When I refresh and stop refreshing it says no servers are in query or somethng like that. I an unable to connect to any servers. I have turned off my firewall and anti-virus so my computer is not blocking it. help me please!
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Isel 2012年10月21日下午9:11 
Having the same issue...
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午9:25 
have you fixed it before or is it your first time haviing this problem? im re installing right now ttrying to fix it ];
Isel 2012年10月21日下午9:37 
First time and I just finished a fresh install... IDK whats causing it.
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午9:38 
hmm. okay. well after it finishes downloading and installing ill give you a heads up. hopefully someone scrolls by this and can help us!
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午10:21 
still no fix yet u guys!
Isel 2012年10月21日下午10:22 
Working for me now... I didn't do anything
Kairuku 2012年10月21日下午10:22 
Occurring to me too, just uninstalled and am currently re-installing.
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午10:58 
reallly isell... wow. i wonder whats wrong with mine then :\
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午10:58 
did you just wait for it and let time do it?
Isel 2012年10月21日下午11:04 
Not working again... wtf
Isel 2012年10月21日下午11:04 
Now working again lol
Kairuku 2012年10月21日下午11:12 
Still can't connect to any servers... hmmm...
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午11:14 
this is really odd and ive seen this problem many places for a long time now... man they need to fix this :\
Adithya 2012年10月21日下午11:16 
This is odd, when this happens to me usually a reboot of my modem+router or my whole system does it. Re-installing the whole game seems like an awfully long and painful thing to do and I've never had to do it till now to get this fixed.
adrianpangan 2012年10月21日下午11:28 
to add to my problem in detail while on the tf2 library i look at view>servers and it shows no servers open to me, does anyone know how to fix this?
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