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Diet Coke Dad 2012년 10월 8일 오후 12시 20분
Where can I get an avatar?
I was wondering if there was a website to get an avatar that isn't seedy.
It seems all the images I have on my computer are too big.
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Wowie 2012년 10월 8일 오후 12시 24분 
Resize using the photo editing program of your choice. It takes about 5 minutes.
Diet Coke Dad 2012년 10월 8일 오후 12시 25분 
Thank you so much, I'm tired of having this question mark :)
Tolna 2012년 10월 8일 오후 12시 48분 
Heck you can just use paint if you really want too. no need to download fancy programs (unless you're already using Linux that is). Gamebanana (odd name but it's not sexual at all) has a ton of TF2 avatars, and you can even convert the sprays there (non animated ones) into avatars if you like, JPEG, and PNG are pretty compatible. You can even google search images you want to use, save and then just resize. Or make your own via Photoshop or whatever method you like.
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