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Foon 2012年10月7日 1時42分
New medic weapon
Someone needs to make a medic weapon that can heal up to 3 allies at a time (Including ubering them), but the uber charge rate is %30 slower than normal. -Please reply
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crispy noodle cup boy 2012年10月7日 2時17分 
How would this work? Would you aim at one person, then the beam would go off them and onto two other people? If so, it seems like it might be a bit OP. The Uber would have to be pretty rubbish. Maybe even a slight reduction in heal rate. It'd be good for final pushes.
Green Arrow (YDTMM) 2012年10月7日 2時46分 
What I want to see for the medic is a melee weapon that makes him fire resistant!
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