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Foon 2012. okt. 7. @ de. 1:42
New medic weapon
Someone needs to make a medic weapon that can heal up to 3 allies at a time (Including ubering them), but the uber charge rate is %30 slower than normal. -Please reply
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crispy noodle cup boy 2012. okt. 7. @ de. 2:17 
How would this work? Would you aim at one person, then the beam would go off them and onto two other people? If so, it seems like it might be a bit OP. The Uber would have to be pretty rubbish. Maybe even a slight reduction in heal rate. It'd be good for final pushes.
Green Arrow (YDTMM) 2012. okt. 7. @ de. 2:46 
What I want to see for the medic is a melee weapon that makes him fire resistant!
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