Team Fortress 2
what is the worst weapon in tf2
what do you think the worst weapon in tf2 is
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buffalo sammwich
mantreads/market gardener
conviers kunami

sigh... I hate noobs. UR ALL WRONG. ALL OF THESE CAN BE EXTREMELY USEFUL IF YOU KNOW HOW TO US THEM. It should be a weapon that is least used, and when used is used terribly. I'd say Fan o War.
fan o war is purdy cool looking but yeah
Viimeisin muokkaaja on potato salad; 6. loka, 2012 18.32
your mom lol
pain train
yeah but to use mantreads/market gardener you are pretty much gimping yourself. That doesn't really make it a good weapon just cuz you might to good against pugz
joe.lampke lähetti viestin:
conviers kunami

That's a great weapon. It doesn't suck.
Rain 6. loka, 2012 19.10 
the old rocket jumper
The weapons that you guys mentioned are good but in very special objectives. Except for the Winger, i mean wtf, +4 damage to each shot and most of your clip away? That♥♥♥♥♥♥sucks
all of these are great weps you guys just dont know how to use them butt the Fan O War i mean sure it marks them for death butt u probably cant get that close anyway and the dameage suck
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Näytetään 1-15 / 664 kommentista
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