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[vifa]Taylor 2012年10月5日上午7:39
tf2 now
What do you think about TF2 now? TF2 With over 9000 hats and 5 years updates
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Still as good and as popular as ever; love it!
Paul Blart: Meme Lord 2012年10月5日上午9:24 
I'd say it's an improvement over tf2 at launch.
( *)> goy 2012年10月5日上午9:56 
pretty sweet shooter
Unjust Murder 2012年10月5日下午2:08 
it's kinda ridonkulas
tubs 2012年10月5日下午7:18 
Tolna 2012年10月5日下午7:22 
Still pretty awesome.
PackmanJohnny 2012年10月5日下午7:22 
better than it was originally IMO
gabrielol 2012年10月5日下午7:54 
evolved, but everyone nostalgic.
gabrielol 2012年10月5日下午7:54 
its kinda a big deal
siƒth 2012年10月6日上午12:02 
Well as you say it that way.Some people are saying that TF2 now sucks because of the "F2P Update" but for me it's still as good as before
[vifa]Taylor 2012年10月7日上午4:07 
thanks. I agree with your opinion. tf2 still cool and fune, but i think that he had something extra
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