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Turtly 11 сен, 2012 @ 20:54
Degreaser + switch to melee = crash ; W+ M1 = not crash(?). W+m1 clearly calls for me.
Alright alright, I don't know if anyone cares or not or if I'm better off asking elsewhere, but has anyone as of recently, experienced crashes when using the degreaser? I'd light someone on fire, then switch to axe or postal pumbler, and crash(freeze?)? It's pretty much that simple. I don't use any HUD mods or skins. Never added anything to the original files, and I've just reinstalled the game. I've tried dxlevel 8 and 9 hoping that something graphically was the problem, it's not. Any other recommendations? I'm not sure if this is just the degreaser, or a problem with all the flamethowers. Its only happened as of recently, three or four days ago.
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