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Rusty Screws. 2013年9月24日 7時55分
Steam Auth Ticket has been Cancelled?
First of all I'm sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this. Secondly, I just joined a server a couple of minutes ago and It said client has left the game (Steam auth ticket has been cancelled) What does this mean? Does this mean I've been banned? (Sorry this is the first time it has happened and I'm really worried.) Any assistance in gathering information on the matter would be great help. Thank-you.
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The Creepy Cupcake 2013年9月24日 8時26分 
I've seen this happen to people before and I don't know exactly what it means. It does NOT mean that you're banned, though, so don't worry about that. Restarting Steam should fix it, but if you want to know what causes it, Google if your friend.
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MIN3 2013年9月24日 12時40分 
first time that i'm getting it as well (also since today) steam/computer/tf2 etc didnt work still looking for a fix restarting
Bishop the Black 2013年9月24日 13時11分 
I had this problem a couple weeks ago, validating the game's cache files fixed it for me.
Stinkybuttboy (god of spies) 2013年11月1日 4時53分 
i searched tis on google and this is what i got
Strikey (禁止済) 2013年11月1日 5時09分 
Steam and Valve and TF2 have all been playing up lately it's probably nothing, so we should all be chilled out :)
Princess Twilight Spaaaaaarkle 2014年8月29日 5時35分 
First time and I have no idea bout what this means
MIN3 2014年8月31日 14時53分 
the problem fixed it self for me just make sure steam is updated to the newest version at all time, and just wait it out
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