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What's your Dream Unusual?
Mine is a Dead Presidents Hustler's Hallmark. Y'know, Pimp Demoman.
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Nuts and bolts geisha boy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Snowing Vintage Merry-Weather (Which I would paint white)
最近の変更はShingari?が行いました; 2013年9月19日 15時47分
wb98 2013年9月19日 15時49分 
The Galvanized Gibus with Sulforus, Green Black Hole, or Time Warp
Dead Presidents Killer Exclusive
Tango 2013年9月19日 16時15分 
Scorching Flames Chieftain's Challenge !<3!!!!
SoUnD 2013年9月19日 16時20分 
Dead presidents Galvanized gibus
cheez 2013年9月19日 16時23分 
a cloud 9/circling heart tough guy's toque.
One for each class but i been looking at Nuts'n'bolts Mining Hat, fits engi so well in my personal opinion.
any heavy hats with unusual. currently have engi and pyro only.
Orbiting hearts Prancers.
Burning Flamboyant Flamenco, I'll try to get one with orbiting fire some day, burning flames is way too expensive :/
michigan (禁止済) 2013年9月19日 17時01分 
Blizzardy storm fedora
this is my dream unusual,
just named it, no pic
"feel good"
"dis weed be givin' be good vibes, mon!"
also hoping to get a searing plasma modest, upgrading from my smoking one.. need 4+ buds still lol
Purple energy Dr's Dapper topper.
最近の変更はManifest Breastinyが行いました; 2013年9月19日 18時46分
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