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Steve the Bandit 19/set/2013 às 15:25
What's your Dream Unusual?
Mine is a Dead Presidents Hustler's Hallmark. Y'know, Pimp Demoman.
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Zezima xD 19/set/2013 às 15:44 
Nuts and bolts geisha boy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The 2nd Doctor 19/set/2013 às 15:47 
Snowing Vintage Merry-Weather (Which I would paint white)
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[iN] wb98 19/set/2013 às 15:49 
The Galvanized Gibus with Sulforus, Green Black Hole, or Time Warp
norfolk terrier 19/set/2013 às 16:11 
Dead Presidents Killer Exclusive
Shima R.I.P 2012-2014 19/set/2013 às 16:15 
Scorching Flames Chieftain's Challenge !<3!!!!
Sound (im back) 19/set/2013 às 16:20 
Dead presidents Galvanized gibus
Big Boss 19/set/2013 às 16:23 
a cloud 9/circling heart tough guy's toque.
Datlossit 19/set/2013 às 16:27 
One for each class but i been looking at Nuts'n'bolts Mining Hat, fits engi so well in my personal opinion.
MayB 19/set/2013 às 16:36 
any heavy hats with unusual. currently have engi and pyro only.
Life_asylum 19/set/2013 às 16:55 
Orbiting hearts Prancers.
|Gent| Mc Mentlegen #Graduated 19/set/2013 às 16:57 
Burning Flamboyant Flamenco, I'll try to get one with orbiting fire some day, burning flames is way too expensive :/
some minecraft profile pic (Banido(a)) 19/set/2013 às 17:01 
Blizzardy storm fedora
Lostdreamer 19/set/2013 às 17:03
this is my dream unusual,
just named it, no pic
"feel good"
"dis weed be givin' be good vibes, mon!"
Lostdreamer 19/set/2013 às 17:04 
also hoping to get a searing plasma modest, upgrading from my smoking one.. need 4+ buds still lol
Doctor Badger 19/set/2013 às 18:45 
Purple energy Dr's Dapper topper.
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