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iSwagger* #RoadTo1KHours 2013年9月6日上午10:42
There was an error while comitting the trade. No items have been exchanged.

I've been trying to do this for days.I still cant do it to work...
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Syd Sustain 2013年9月6日下午5:30 
Same thing happening with me, just started today. Trying to trade with my account from my brother's... found some old posts of people having this trouble a month ago, no other comments on the page since then though. Hopefully it's a silly Steam bug, I want my TF2 stuff!
MAG 2013年9月6日下午5:54 
I am having the same issue but if you have changed your password in the last 5 days it won't let you trade.
Syd Sustain 2013年9月7日上午8:21 
Also, I want to point out Valve spelled 'committing' wrong.
Jewfro 2013年9月9日下午8:01 
i dont know i was jus allowed to trade today and i sucsessfully traded with one of my friends but afterwards when i tried to trade with a different friend that shows up
Awesmiss 2013年9月19日上午4:09 
I'm having the same problem, i recently bought some keys from after adding funds to my steam wallet.

Every time i try to trade them to my bot all i get is:
There was an error while comitting the trade. No items have been exchanged.

Its really frustrating, i don't buy products to be F#@ked around by steam and valve!!!!

If you find a solution please post,
Jewfro 2013年9月19日下午6:56 
Sentrys Own [NL] 2014年2月1日上午11:29 
How is that a solution?
zedxenon 2014年2月1日上午11:49 
引用自 Sentrys Own NL
How is that a solution?
Jelly Bean 2014年2月1日下午1:35 
引用自 Sentrys Own NL
How is that a solution?

well it happened to me this morning, all i did that helped me was alt tab out of tf2 every trade and accept on the outside and trade on steam not in tf2
Jewfro 2014年2月1日下午1:38 
Yea this ♥♥♥♥ is old
Good Name [VACATION] (已封禁) 2014年2月1日下午1:43 
I thought I was a bad necromancer.
Jewfro 2014年2月1日下午2:13 
joke 2014年2月2日上午4:35 
Is it because you are reported...well i am..yah and i am having the same problem
Khranos 2014年2月2日上午8:32 
It's actually an issue with TF2 items (nothing else from what I've seen). You have to make sure that...

A) You both have access to your TF2 inventories.
B) You are BOTH trading something (one way trades don't like to work)
C) You're both not on the same internet network (this is only sometimes an issue)

Or, you can wait out steam servers and find one of their rare times that one way TF2 trading works.

This info is for anybody checking this thread trying to find what to do.
<mm> Fezzy? 2014年2月2日上午8:33 
this has been happening to me to
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