Team Fortress 2
ok so tf2s updates today wont update -_-" i right click on the game title in the library click resume update(never paused) says update required never starts updating... and would you believe today i bought my first bills talk about good luck -_-" anyway anyone else having this problem or had it and can help me fix it :/?
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「Shiny」 Sep 3, 2013 @ 6:17pm 
Go to your Steam folder, delete appcache. Restart Steam, and update TF2. I had this problem today and I fixed it.
._. oh my hmmm do you just by any chance have like a vid you could give me c:? im not to good with computers but i guess ill try to find it ty cause i went to(what i think is the steam folder) all it has is steam support and steam client ._.?
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help D:
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