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Frostbite 2013年7月11日上午5:47
TF2 crashing
When I start up TF2 its starts up ok. When I look for servers, the music stops then on task manager its says it aint responding. I tried to look up on google for my problem. It said to un-plug the router and I did that and it stilll crashed. So does anyonw know how to fix my problem?
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Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) 2013年7月11日上午5:54 
Mine also has the same problem too.
kondacek 2013年7月11日上午5:56 
problem communitacing server WHAT???
kondacek 2013年7月11日上午5:56 
Frostbite 2013年7月11日上午5:58 
yes for some reson it freezes on refreshing server list
Frostbite 2013年7月11日上午6:05 
well and im been thinking.... would the new update do this? Im saying maybe so because Im seeing LOTS unhappy with it and lots of problems.
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