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can't play tf2 normal
i have a mac, i can ONLY look down is this a glitch?
if i try to move the mouse my screen turns left.
please help i can't play tf2!
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I'm having this SAME PROBLEM. Is your text blurry and are you spinning in circles as well?
I have a Mac too.
pmst 2013年7月11日 3時50分 
Use the search bar, it's the 40th topic about this.
m_rawinput 1 in console.
Same prob, my text is blurry, cant look around and everything looks stretched, like a enlarged window
change your resolution to fix the blurry text and graphics but it dosent fix the spinning im also a mac user i wanna play TF2 :(
thanks guys!
Changing the resolution worked, thanks
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Team Fortress 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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