Team Fortress 2
What is going on with it, can anyone tell me? I and 2 of my friends have tried to enter it across the last 2 days and it gets stuck at the loading screen.
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You need to wait a little while, depends on your connection and if lobby's up or whatnot.
How often does the lobby go down exactly?
Not often, doesn't usually last very long though.
so 2 days is an average downtime when it happens then?
I'd say that's a lot longer than it should be, I can't say because the last time I tried a lobby was 2 days ago, though it doesn't look like it's up for me.
I wonder why it's being down for so long D:
I have matches coming up and I'd like to practice
Pls buy me PUBG Jun 30, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
I've been having some trouble with it the last 2 days aswell. Would just enter main page for a good 10 minutes before I gave up.
Well hopefully someone takes notice soon and fixes the place, cause the way it looks everybody's being affected
Well, there's always scrims. Lobbies were never the best practice anyway.
scrims? how to?
You know, your team vs. some other team, like a match except not official. Basically just find someone else's team who's willing to fight yours.
well thing is the team leader wanted me to take someone who wants to join my team into a 6s lobby and see how he does as whether or not to let him join.
There's mge to get a rough idea, and for that matter a scrim probably would be best since the whole team gets to see him perform.
I'll talk that over with leader and dude then
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