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Helion 2013年3月11日上午7:52
I have a problem which is to say a word A single detonation, whether it is a bomb blast, or what?
Please help me
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the last templar 2013年3月11日上午8:00 
I'm sorry, I don't understand exactly what your problem is... could you explain?
Helion 2013年3月11日上午9:14 
I mean the term "single detonation" in achieving Scottish Demoman achievements bum in a bomb explosion determines the number of self-adhesive sticky bombs
the last templar 2013年3月11日上午9:28 
Any number of bombs will count towards a "single detonation", you just have to trigger them all at the same time.
Helion 2013年3月11日上午10:36 
Major Havoc 2013年3月11日上午10:48 
Are you talking about the Scottish Resistance? If so, the Sticky bombs that are close together or aligned in such a way that they appear closely packed will cause them to detonate all together if they all appear red. The sticky bombs that are still white will not detonate.
正在显示第 1 - 5 条,共 5 条留言
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