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Helion139 2013年3月11日 7時52分
I have a problem which is to say a word A single detonation, whether it is a bomb blast, or what?
Please help me
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templar [pc under repair] 2013年3月11日 8時00分 
I'm sorry, I don't understand exactly what your problem is... could you explain?
Helion139 2013年3月11日 9時14分 
I mean the term "single detonation" in achieving Scottish Demoman achievements bum in a bomb explosion determines the number of self-adhesive sticky bombs
templar [pc under repair] 2013年3月11日 9時28分 
Any number of bombs will count towards a "single detonation", you just have to trigger them all at the same time.
Helion139 2013年3月11日 10時36分 
Major Havoc 2013年3月11日 10時48分 
Are you talking about the Scottish Resistance? If so, the Sticky bombs that are close together or aligned in such a way that they appear closely packed will cause them to detonate all together if they all appear red. The sticky bombs that are still white will not detonate.
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