Team Fortress 2
RoberOnocle Mar 9, 2013 @ 8:31pm
Most annoying things in Tf2 (discussion may recieve more updates)
-Spycrab killers

-Scouts who pretend they're an engineer and beat your sentry as if they were helping you build it.

-Scouts who chase you down and won't quit until they get you.

-People who call for medics when they don't need them (such as a medic healing a heavy then someone pointlessly calls for a medic, the medic heals that person just to find out they don't need them).

-Medics who fight in combat when they should be healing (unless nobody's around to heal).

-Engineers who put their sentry right in front of your spawn.

-Admins who reserve slots.

-Admins who pointlessly kick you out.

-Pinion Pot O' Gold (when you join a server, they stop you for like 25 seconds).

-Dead Ringer trollers.

-Heavies who waste medics' time.

-COD fans who try to prove that COD is better than TF2.

-Racist people (I know racism can't be stopped but it's a HUGE problem in this game!).

-People who pronounce weapons/Items WAY off.

-Caps talkers

-Creepy Perverts

-Mic spammers

-People who offer crappy trade deals.

-Peaple who complain about the entire game itself.

-People who spray really innapropriate pictures

-People who are effortless cash collectors in MVM.

-Rude people (I know I sound like a pushover but compared to other MMOs, I've never played a game where people were so rude to each other!)

-F2Ps that try to make themselves feel better by saying there is nothing wrong with F2P.

-People who offer you something like a weapon for a hat (unless it's a very rare weapon).

-People who say that the spy sucks because he can sap sentries.

-Spies who don't disguise (unless it's a your eternal reward spy).

-Medics who heal disguised spies.

-When you craft an item, then all of a sudden find it.

-People who try to find all the reasons in the world why a discussion you posted based on Tf2 is lame/no good (it's usually happens with discussion based on TF2)

I know I sound like I'm trying to make this game look bad, it's not, it's just that too many people try to ruin this game (Talking to you VALVe).

Comment if you know some more annoying things in this game!
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Gopnik ॐ Mar 9, 2013 @ 8:36pm

Also I hate engineers that put dispensers right in front of their sentry (or mine) and block the sentrys range of fire.
Jingle Pyro Mar 9, 2013 @ 8:37pm 
pyro's who don't use the compression blast on you when you're on fire.
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